Why Root Galaxy Note 8?

Why root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?  Many people wonder if it worth even rooting the newest Galaxy Note 8 but here’s some reasons why.

  1. Rooting gives you full “admin” access over your phone which means the user has 100% control over the phone.  While most people think rooting their smartphone makes them more vulnerable to spyware and malware in our opinion it is the opposite.  Having full control over your phone means nothing gets executed without the users permission using root access apps such as Magisk(our favorite) or SuperSU app.  Now, rooting your Note 8 will break updates(as TWRP recovery is installed and will note update your phone) which also means that your phone is safe from possible malicious updates(sometimes new updates can cause security holes and even make a bricked phone) as you will have full control of the updates.  But you will have to update them manually using stock firmwares.
  2. A rooted Galaxy Note 8 allows you to fully run any root apps.  These are apps that require admin permissions such as Titanium Backup app, which can fully backup and restore individual apps with app data, also you will be able to move apps with data to a new phone without losing app data.  There are other apps like Flashify, which allows you to flash recovery images such as TWRP recovery(img files) without using ODIN.  And there is FlashFire, which is a “mobile” ODIN tool that allows you to flash files normally you would have to use a computer.  All of these are “root” apps that will not normally run without root.

Now, what are some of disadvantages of root?

  1. Rooting involves flashing TWRP recovery which will set off KNOX counter, which means you will never be able to use SamsungPay.  If you absolutely need root, do not root your Galaxy Note 8.
  2. Updates – Updates are NOT updated automatically via OTA(Over-The-Air) updates.  You will have to either unroot or flash updates manually.  Now, usually users will use custom ROMs over stock firmwares so you may never need those updates once rooted.