How to Unroot Galaxy Note 8 w/ Stock Firmware! (And Root Again)

For those of you who want to unroot your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, maybe you want to go back to 100% stock firmware, update your stock firmware, or ended up in a nasty bootloop, here’s how to unroot your Note 8 with 100% stock firmware.

If you are still on Nougat and upgrading to Oreo, you can also disable OEM unlock and re-root, which I will show you here also.

Before we begin, FLASHING STOCK FIRMWARE WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE!  Please use Samsung’s Smart Switch app to backup all of your apps and files!!!

Step 1. Note your model number under About Phone->Software Information->Baseband version.   The first 4 or 5 letters should give you the exact model number such as “N950F”.   Add “SM-” to “N950F” to get your model number.  For mine it is “SM-N950F”.

Step 2. Power off your Note 8.  Then hold down Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds until you enter Download mode warning screen.

Step 3. Hit the Volume Up key to enter Download mode and connect a USB cable from your Note 8 to your computer.  You will need a Windows computer.

Step 4. For unrooting ONLY, download ODIN, Samsung USB drivers, and stock firmware.  For re-rooting after, also download Magisk, RMM State Bypass, Samsung AntiRoot Removal Tool.  You can find all the files on our TWRP page and Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware page.

Step 5. Unzip ODIN zip file and click on the ODIN EXE program inside the unzipped directory of ODIN.

Step 6. You should see a blue-highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you don’t see it, you will need to run the Windows USB driver EXE program, run it then unplug/re-plug the USB cable and you should see blue-highlighted box.

Step 7. Unzip the stock firmware zip file and you should find files beginning with BL, AP, CP, CSC, and Userdata.  For international models, you won’t see Userdata.  Go ahead and select BL, AP, and CP.   CSC most likely doesn’t need to be flashed.  For U.S. models, you can flash Userdata also which gives you carrier-specific features.   If you are re-rooting after, make sure “Auto-reboot” is ticked off.  Then hit “Start”.’

Step 8. Once done, your phone should reboot and you should have fully unrooted your Galaxy Note 8.  You should see welcome start up screen like above.  If you are re-rooting, keep following the steps.

Step 9. Hold down Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 10 seconds until your phone reboots into Download mode warning screen.

Step 10. Hit the Volume Up key to enter Download Mode then connect a USB cable from your Note 8 to your computer again.

Step 11. Reset your ODIN then choose “AP” and select the TWRP recovery file.

Step 12. RIGHT AFTER YOUR PHONE REBOOTS, you will need to hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons.  Please WATCH THE VIDEO TUTORIAL if you don’t know how to do this as if you mess up, you will have to wait 7-days for OEM unlock to go away.  Hit “Start” button and as soon as your phone reboots, hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together and you should be in TWRP recovery.

Step 13. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Wipe” and “format data”, then type “yes”.   Go back to reboot menu and select “Recovery” which will reboot you back into TWRP.  Choose “Read Only”.

Copy over Magisk, RMM State Bypass, and Samsung Anti Removal tool to your Note 8.

Step 14. Very important, install the Samsung Anti-Removal Tool then go back to reboot menu and select “Recovery”, which will reboot you back again into TWRP.

Step 15. Install RMM State Bypass zip file and Magisk zip file and reboot.

Step 16. Once rebooted, you should have fully rooted Galaxy Note 8 on latest Android 8.0 Oreo.

Verify you have full root by installing free app, Titanium Backup app on the Play Store!  If you don’t get root first time, try rebooting and should work fine after that.


Q: Will unrooting w/ stock firmware restore Samsung Pay?
A: Unfortunately, if you’ve rooted your Note 8 before, unrooting will not restore Samsung Pay.  Samsung Pay will be disabled forever.  However, if you never rooted your phone, unrooting will not affect your Samsung Pay obviously.

Q: Can I use this unroot method to update my stock firmware?
A: Yes, of course!


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25 Responses

  1. FLAPS15 says:

    I have checked my Note8 with root checker and it says NOT ROOTED.
    I have done a Factory Reset and when I want to use Samsung Fingerprint security, there is a message saying that my phone is rooted and Samsung, for safety reasons, cannot use Samsung Pass.
    Assuming that his is an error… If I do the procedure for UNROOT my Note 8, will that correct this issue?

  2. Burak says:

    I can’t unroot my Note8. I put it in download mode. Odin recognizes my phone.. I select the files hit start. Nothing happens. If you give me some tips to unroot / flash the stock firmware again I’ll be happy. Thanks

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you are not using a USB hub, try plugging directly into USB port or try another USB port.

      • Chance says:

        I was attempting to root my phone last night and it failed miserably AFTER it deleted everything. In typical amateur fashion I did not properly back up my phone and have been trying to just get it back to stock firmware and leave it at that. It is an SM-N950U. I keep getting this error and am at a loss at what to do. I’m running Odin as administrator, I’ve swapped cords, swapped USB ports, tried different downloads of the firmware and Odin3, nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any idea what I may be doing wrong or what I can do to fix it? The phone displays in red text SW REV CHECK FAIL: (abl)Fused 4 > Binary 3 and Odin displays the following:

        ID:0/005 Added!!

        ID:0/005 Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..

        ID:0/005 File analysis..

        ID:0/005 Total Binary size: 6955 M

        ID:0/005 SetupConnection..

        ID:0/005 Initialzation..

        ID:0/005 Set PIT file..

        ID:0/005 DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!!

        ID:0/005 Erase…

        ID:0/005 ERASE_SECTOR: 1597195

        ID:0/005 Get PIT for mapping..

        ID:0/005 ERASE_OK

        ID:0/005 Firmware update start..

        ID:0/005 NAND Write Start!!

        ID:0/005 SingleDownload.

        ID:0/005 abl.elf

        ID:0/005 FAIL! (Auth)


        ID:0/005 Complete(Write) operation failed.

        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

        ID:0/005 Removed!!

      • avto says:

        Hi I rooted my note 8 oreo latest june 1 update .everything went well but after some time rootchecker says phone is not rooted and when I turn on magisk it says its not installed after restart , root checker says rooted and magisk says its installed but onlu for firt 5 min or so after restart what should be caausing this

  3. sugar ants says:

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  4. Hassan Salehipour says:

    I want to unroot my note 8 but neither Odin nor my laptop will not recognize my phone !!
    I don not know what to do please help me !
    thank you very much !

  5. vysor pro exe says:

    Hi, glad that i saw on this in bing. Thanks!

  6. karma says:

    helllo, these are great tutorials, thank you very much. i am in a bit of a pickle here though. i am unable to reinstall the international rom my phone came with, i am only able to install carrier specific roms, such as uk roms, i get an error within odin that reads: complete(write) operation failed. i reinstalled the drivers, etc and everything does work as i am able to install other roms. my model is sm-n950fd from eglobal:

    i appreciate any help, thank you.

  7. Anthony Colon says:

    I messed up when i was rooting the phone. i followed the unrooting process and installed the stock firmware but the internal storage that i see is only 32 gb not the 64gb that the phone has. is there anyway to fix this?

  8. Patricia says:

    I cant seem to find the correct stock firmware for my phone. I have the samsung note 8 my carrier is sprint here in the states the only firmware I seen was for tmobile. Please help I am not sure what to do. i just want to unlock my stupid phone so I can use it from any carrier. I have paid for unlock codes and all I got was ripped off, can anyone help me please?

  9. Muhammad says:

    I have Note8, SM-N950F. I have ued every method to get OEM unlock but without any luck. Kindly help me with this thing. Security patch August 1st.

  10. Sam says:

    Hi Max. Thank you for all your hard work!
    I waited 7 days, got the OEM Unlock. Rooted w/ Magisk, TWRP, OEM patch but did not get the OEM Unlock option (Didn’t notice that you have to flash the rmm fix if using a stock ROM. Also, I did not flash the antiroot removal tool). Everything was great, magisk passed safety net, until I clicked on the notification to reboot the phone. Phone rebooted and got the “Only Official Binaries are allowed to be flashed” and device refused to boot.

    Fixed by flashing the Stock Oreo ROM.

    Now, when I reboot download mode and try to flash Twrp, I get the same “only official binaries…” error in red text on the download mode screen. (and Fail Status in Odin). I then reflash the stock firmware.
    Does this mean I have to wait another 7 days?

    • Zaryab Masood says:

      I am getting the same message. “only official binaries are allowed to be flashed”.
      and i am trying to flash the stock firmware using odin but it gets stuck after clicking start. it does not complete at all. how do i fix this. mine is a United Arab Emirates version.

  11. FORTNITE hack skin FORTNITE hack on mac Undetected 05 05 2018 says:

    You got yourself a new follower.

  12. fashion video says:

    You made some first rate points there. I seemed on the internet for the issue and located most people will associate with together with your website.

  13. bassem hanna says:

    i rooted my phone using your wonderful methods but after 2 weeks my phone says Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock i have seen on you-tube many methods and i am going to try to re-flash with stock firmware hope this is correct if there is any other methods you can help me with i will be thanks-full .

  14. Peter Nugu says:

    Dear Max,
    Thank you for the much detailed tutorials on Note 8 to Unroot and Re-root, and but I do not seem to get anyway, and i totally blame myself for my arrogance in the total “know how” to use the system. Right now my phone is hanging in nasty loopboot. I stuffed it up!

    My phone has been abandoned and lying around the house for almost a year.

    Now the best solution that I can think of right now is to send the unit to you to set it right for me. As I do have complete trust and confidence in you to get it up and functioning for me again. If you say yes then I will have the phone sent to you as soon as practical as it did cost me a fortune to acquire it in the first place.

    Please let know if this possible and what you think about and I can take it on from there.

  15. Rick Mace says:

    Hi Max Lee
    Your Videos are the only ones that I can folow, I really appreciate them.
    I have an N950F/DS and I had it rooted and running, Deluxe rom. I went into TWRP to install the s9 for note rom, I wiped it and rebooted into recovery, well, Stupid I know. I have been in lock out for 8 days now and all I can do is put it into down load mode. I can start to flash the stock frameware in Odin ( all off Unroot page) and it starts one or too lines and that’s it. I left it all night last night, no luck, I have tired drivers and fresh down loads and nothing.
    Is there anything else that I can do? If you can PLEASE HELP ME, I had to save a long time to get this phone and my wife is already convinced that I destroyed my new phone. 😭 Thanks –Rick

  16. Broderick Ruwe says:

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  18. Xixermeister says:

    What if it was previously rooted? I thing it was rooted before, because i cannot use secure folder, samsung health and apps from that category.
    Will it work again??

  19. mohammed says:

    i have Note 950f currently single sim need to convert dual sim of Android pie9.0 can u help please

  20. abbas says:

    i can make root for Samsung Note 8 with version 9 as explained?
    can u help please

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