How to Root Galaxy Note 8! [Exynos]

For those of you who want to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Exynos international version), you will want to definitely backup EVERYTHING beforehand as rooting involves wiping EVERYTHING on your phone.  Also, Samsung Pay will permanently be disabled(not work) after root!(However, you can use Android Pay with Magisk root hide, which this tutorial is based on.)

Before you begin, this root guide is ONLY for international Exynos models, it will NOT WORK for U.S. models or any other models with Qualcomm 835.

UPDATE: This is ONLY for Android 7.0 Nougat.  For latest Android 8.0 Oreo root method, please see How to Root Galaxy Note 8 on Android 8.0 Oreo!

This root method should work on the following models:

  • SM-N950F
  • SM-N950F-DS (FD)
  • SM-N950N(Korean)
  • Any other Exynos-based Note 8

Step 1. Go to Settings->About phone and make sure your model number is supported.

Step 2. Tap on “Software information”.

Step 3. Tap on “Build number” about 5 times until it says “Developer mode has been turned on”.

Step 4. Tap on the back button twice and you will find a new menu called, “Developer options”, tap on that.

Step 5. Make sure “OEM unlock” is checked ON.  If you don’t see this menu and you did not have the phone for more than 7 days, wait 7 days and come back to the tutorial as that means your Note 8 is “OEM affected”.  Samsung has put a new time limit of 7 days of getting your new phone before being able to access this menu.

Step 6. Power down your Note 8.  Then hold down the Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen.

Step 7. Hit the Volume up button to enter ODIN download mode and connect a USB cable from your Note 8 to a Windows computer.

Step 8. Go to the TWRP recovery page and download the 5 files.

Step 9. Extract the ODIN zip file and you should get a new folder with ODIN program.

Step 10. Double-click on the ODIN EXE program to run ODIN program.

Make sure you see a blue-highlighted box like below, if you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver EXE file to install drivers.


Then choose “AP” and select the TWRP image TAR file you downloaded and hit “Start”.

IMPORTANT: As soon as your phone reboots(goes blank), IMMEDIATELY hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together until  you enter the TWRP recovery.  If you miss this step, simply repeat until you get it.

Step 11. Once in TWRP recovery, tap on “Keep Read Only”.

Step 12. Tap on “Wipe”.

Step 13. Tap on “Format Data” and type “yes” to format your phone.  This step will ERASE EVERYTHING on your phone!

Step 14. Once done, hit the Home button to return to main menu.

Step 15. Tap on “Reboot”.

Step 16. Tap on “Recovery” to reboot to TWRP recovery.

Choose “Do Not Install”.

Step 17. Once rebooted to TWRP recovery, tap on “Keep Read Only” again.

Step 18. Connect a USB cable from your phone to your computer and copy over Magisk and OEM fix.

Step 19. Tap  on “Install”.

Step 20. Choose the OEM fix file.

Step 21. Tap on “Add more Zips”.

Step 22. Choose the Magisk ZIP file.

Step 23. Choose “Reboot after installation is complete” then swipe to right to install.

Step 24. Go thru the installation and choose “Proceed with ROM flash and MultiTool”.

Step 25. Tap on “Patch for OEM issue”.

Step 26. Tap on “Do Not Change” and install.

Step 27. Once that is done, Magisk will install afterwards.

Step 28.  Reboot and wait until you see the welcome screen.   Go ahead and sign in.

Step 29. You should find Magisk app in your app drawer, run it and run the Safety check.  And if you pass like above screenshot, your Galaxy Note 8 is fully rooted and also hiding root so you can use apps that check for root such as Android Pay or Nintendo game apps.

Yes, you have full root now and also it is hiding root so apps won’t know you are rooted!

Step 30. Verify you have full root by installing free app called “Titanium Backup” on Play Store.  Run it and you should see Superuser request window like above.


Q: I keep getting security errors after rooting!
A: Reboot into TWRP and install the Samsung Anti removal zip.

Q: I missed the reboot step and now I get an error saying “only original binaries are allowed to be flashed” and phone will not boot.
A: Unfortunately, if you let your phone reboot without entering TWRP recovery first, you will get stuck with the error message, “only original binaries are allowed to be flashed”.  You will need to reflash stock firmware using ODIN and unroot.  Then you will have to wait 7-days before trying to root again.

Q: Does this root method work on the U.S. models SM-N950U?
A: This root method is ONLY for Exynos models of Galaxy Note 8 or if you have one of the rare Snapdragon international models(non U.S.) that have unlocked bootloader.  There is “SamFail” root method you can use on XDA forums for U.S. models but we do not recommend it much as you will have problems like 80% maximum battery life.




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  1. Am says:

    how do i flash iron man rom so oem will not lock

    • Max Lee says:

      You can flash any ROM, then flash this file afterwards:

  2. Ethan says:

    Need root for the US T-Mobile version. I love this phone, and really need WiFi calling capability, but I just gotta root this thing. I’m miss having full control over MY phone

  3. Agata says:


  4. KOOH ZHEN HAO says:

    if after 7 days check again don’t have show the OEM unlock?

  5. mohammed alhamss says:

    hello my friend
    i have galaxy not 8 sm-n950f
    i want to change the emei num i installed program that was asking for the device must be rooted
    i folowed all the procedures in ur vdieo and did every thing correct but still not rooted
    do u have easy way to change the emei num of my note 8 dous have 2 sim card

  6. Name says:

    You’re the best thank you,

    • Jo says:

      helo bro, did you successfully root note 8? I’ve tried and followed the steps but after rebooting I can’t. What is it?

  7. Joan says:

    How does Magisk fail?

  8. gladiatorr says:

    Oin process failed. What should be a problem thnx

  9. Khadar ahmed says:

    Plz can I root note8 without computer

  10. Alejandro Mora says:

    HI max I need your help, when i try to put the twrP with odin, the odin program showme an error, says failed when trying to finish, I see some forms to fix but i can’t, I you respond by email \ can show you with one screen shoot that i take.

  11. Daby says:

    Exelente video con todos los archivos necesarios. El Samsung Note 8 version 9 (pie) se me quedo reiniciando cada segundo ( despues de instalar TWR y con el video lo pude solucionar . Saludos y abrazos al creador del video desde Argentina x su explicacion paso a paso.

  12. Eric says:

    Does this root method work on androud 9 please rply

  13. Ramai says:

    But I dont see any Twrp tar file??? pls help

  14. ricko dwi s says:

    Note 8 android pie ?

  15. suanta says:

    i did everything same to same as steps given, but i can not find magisk app in my app drawer.

  16. zee says:

    phoe is not running after 27 step

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