Galaxy S9 ROM for Galaxy Note 8! [FULLY WORKING]

For those of you who have Exynos models of the Galaxy Note 8(which have unlocked bootloaders) are in luck as the latest S9 ROM conversion brings you nearly all of Galaxy S9 software features into the Galaxy S8 including all the apps, settings/UI, wallpapers, Galaxy S9 camera AR stickers, S9 camera front portrait mode, modded camera with higher bitrate and support 1440P 60fps, Dolby Atmos, and much much more.

This root method should work on the following models:

  • SM-N950F
  • SM-N950F-DS (FD)
  • SM-N950N(Korean)
  • Any other Exynos-based Note 8

NOTE: Installing a custom ROM or rooting your Galaxy Note 8 will make your Samsung Pay unusable permanently!  Also may void warranty!

This is a fully-ported ROM meaning all of the S9 software have been modified to work on the Galaxy Note 8.  Also, you will not lose any of Note 8 S-Pen features such as live messages and using it with other Samsung apps.  If you want to also supercharge your TouchWiz launcher, you can go ahead and grab the Grx TouchWiz Mod and simply install the zip file after installing ROM.  Root works flawless with Magisk v16.4, you will pass SafetyNet and also easily hide root from apps that check for root.

Performance is excellent and also battery life is excellent.  You won’t be complaining about this ROM much but you maybe showing off this ROM too much to your friends with a real Galaxy S9.

The only thing missing?  Really, the S9 F1.5 camera can’t be ported so that is no go, making AR stickers feature is not available yet.  Other than those, everything else works on this ROM including headphone jack, WiFi, 4G LTE, and YOU TELL ME what’s not working!  But everything should be working flawless and fast.  So, go ahead and try the Note 8 ROM and do let me know what you think, thanks!


Download S9 ROM V2 – Link

Download S9 ROM Add-ONs – Link

Download S9 ROM v2.1 update – Link

Download Grx TouchWiz Mod Launcher APKDirect Download Link

Installation Instructions for installing S9 ROM on your Galaxy Note 8.

Step 1. First, install TWRP recovery and wipe data, and reboot to TWRP (DO NOT REBOOT).  See How to Install TWRP & Root w/ Magisk on Samsung Android(Steps 1 thru 7) for full instructions on how to install TWRP.

Step 2. Download the ROM files over.  Do a Wipe->factory reset. Then install the ROM zip file first.  Reboot.  And sign-in.  First time installing custom ROM, make sure to read How to Install Custom ROM w/ TWRP first!

Step 3. Reboot into recovery(Long-press Power button and choose recovery), install the Add-ONs, the v2.1 update, Grx TouchWiz Mod, and reboot.  You should be good to go.

Credits – XDA


If you want Google HDR+ camera and portrait mode for back & front, see How to Install Pixel Portrait Mode camera on Any Galaxy!


(AR stickers working 100% on my Galaxy Note 8 just like the Galaxy S9.)

(Grx TouchWiz Mod launcher installed on my Galaxy Note 8 on the left w/ 7×7 grid while the stock launcher on S9 can’t fit too many apps.)

(The ROM comes with modded camera including S9 camera modes plus higher bit-rate for video recording meaning you will get slightly better videos.  And yes, you can do QHD 60fps or 1440P 60fps unlike stock firmware!)

Yes, you also have the option to get the dual stereo-speaker MOD, which works great for giving you “stereo sound” by using the earpiece as additional speaker.

You could probably get all of these features separately but why not just install this S9 ROM?  Much easier and you get more features than trying to install them one-by-one.

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